The original tassels were recorded in the collection of China's market supervision reports # 178 stories about the market

The "pain" brought to consumers by the "ice cream assassin" has not faded, and "stationery assassin" has become a popular new word on the Internet recently.

The golden autumn is just around the corner. It is also the beginning of the school year. For parents and students, the "reserve work" before the beginning of school is naturally essential, and a number of purchases and selections have also poured into the major stationery markets. It is reported that recently, Ms. Qin from Wuhan went to the store to select two automatic pencils for her children to buy stationery for the new semester. She thought it would cost more than ten yuan, but she was surprised to find that it cost more than 100 yuan at the checkout. This is not an exception. Recently, a topic on the Internet called "55 yuan for a neutral pen" also appeared on the hot search list.

A hole pencil sells for nearly 20 yuan, a Miffy ballpoint pen (water-based ballpoint pen) sells for 50 yuan, and the unique black gold series neutral pens co branded with anime IP sell for 55 yuan... Netizens have different opinions on this, some people say that "it is all a trick of black dealers", while others think that "the price of goods is clear, consumers have the freedom to buy, and there is no need to demonize the normal selling behavior", and even more, "Isn't this the 'Stationery Assassin'?"

There are different opinions. How to understand it? Let's analyze it in detail.

Is the "Stationery Assassin" worthy of its name? First of all, it needs to be clear that the price of any commodity can be high or low, and it is normal for high priced commodities to exist in the market. The reason why the previous "ice cream assassin" incident caused the public to roast was not just because it was expensive, but because the price was not clearly marked, it was easy for consumers to pay for high priced ice cream without knowing it, which was a reflection of the violation of the right to independent choice.

Ice cream is expensive, and the price is in the "dark" place, so it is called "assassin". The judgment of "stationery assassin" should also be the same: if the price tag is unknown and the goods are mixed, consumers will be confused to pay the bill, and it is really hard to escape the fact of "assassin"; If clear placement and price marking are equivalent to protecting consumers' right to know and choice, how can we say "assassin"? Perhaps some stationery is suspected of premium, but it is also intrinsically different from the "ice cream assassin".

So, why does "high priced stationery" arise and have any impact? It is easy to see from the example of neutral pens that most of the stationery with higher prices have such gimmicks as "IP co branding" and "blind box". The style is novel and the functions are diverse, which makes it particularly "cool" and directly captures the hearts of many children. Naturally, prices have also risen considerably. If the beautiful packaging helps stimulate children's interest in learning, it is also worth the money. I'm afraid the stationery at this time is not only a learning tool, but also a symbol of comparison and show off. Moreover, this phenomenon of excessive pursuit of high priced stationery in the market today is easy to make children fall into the vortex of "following the trend of consumption, blind consumption", which not only increases the financial burden of the family, but also easy to lose themselves in the wave of comparison. In addition, too many fancy elements are added to stationery, which also increases the possibility of potential security risks.

The main consumers of stationery are students. The supervision department should not only focus on whether the quality of stationery is qualified, but also pay attention to whether businesses use improper marketing methods to induce young people, so as to protect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors to the maximum extent.

Stationery is not necessarily an "assassin", but it is certainly not a "toy". The biggest use value of stationery should be to give play to its function as a learning tool, rather than being purely appreciated, played, or even used as a carrier to show off. In the face of high priced stationery, the whole society should guide young people to establish a correct view of consumption, put aside unnecessary label functions and added value, and abandon the nihilistic mentality of comparison, so that stationery is just "stationery".